Translation rates

My prices are calculated based on the regulations of the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG, section 11).
Generally speaking, the price includes the translations costs and a certification fee for adding an official attestation clause and putting my official stamp.

Each and every document is unique and different. So research and formatting work also plays an important part in calculating the price.

Due to this, a final price can only be given after completion of the work.
However, you will always receive a cost estimation beforehand.

Four eyes' principle: All my translations are proofread according to DIN EN 15038 standard by Daniela Kranzer, a colleague and professional translator skilled in the same field. 

Translation costs

1.95 EUR/target line
1 line ≘ 55 characters 

Certification fee

15.00 EUR per document
10.00 EUR each, 4-9 documents
5.00 EUR each, 10 documents or more 


professional formatting
four-eyes' principle

Need a fast translation service?

No problem. A 30% surcharge is billed if you need express delivery for your certified translation.